EAORON Oxygen Bubble Face mask 7pcs

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This Oxygen Bubble Face Mask has a highly effective double cleanser and deep absorption impurities benefits and might help nourish the skin providing a clearer skin.This newly “vacuum cleansing effect” mask, made with rich and delicate bubbles, that will clean away oil and dirt while and deeply absorb impurities from the bottom of the skin allowing it to breath freely. The mask fabric contains fine molecules, highly absorbent, allowing the skin to breathe while purifying pores 

  • Skin Type
    Combination,Acne-prone,Normal,Sensitive,Oily,Dry,Dull,Signs of Ageing
  • Skin Concerns
    Dryness,Oiliness,Acne & Blemishes,Dark Spots & Hyperpigmentation,Dullness,Fine Lines & Wrinkles,Pores,Redness
  • Skin Care Benefits
    RADIANCE,Moisturizing,Anti-Aging,Sensitive,Whitening,Pore Control,Soothing,Acne Care,Firming/Lifting,Brightening,Even Out Skin Tone & Texture,Detoxify

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