YPL Australia Slim Legging Summer Edition Black

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Australia YPL Slimming Legging ! 

Fat Burning ➡️ Shaped ➡️ Hip ➡️ Slimming 

Four Functions Elephant legs can also wear a slender feeling 

The mentality of YPL slimming pants is not only to make you feel comfortable in all kinds of occasions, but also to reduce fat at any time and anywhere, and to go through the thin slimming pants. 

The blue dog Logo on the trouser legs will turn white = fat burning state 

SIZE: FREE SIZE(Suitable for people who are 150cm-175cm and weight less than 85kg)

Wearing it for 10 minutes is equivalent to: 
➡️ Slow Jogging for 2 hours 
➡️ 1 hour of swimming 
➡️ Yoga 1 hour 
➡️ 200 sit-ups 
➡️ Vibration 2500 

This slimming pants is very special. It is scented and will disappear after 30 cleanings. 

♦ Pants contain a variety of slimming skin essences such as lavender scented essential oils, which are very light and comfortable. Even if you sleep, there is no pressure, no trace comfort~ 

♦ Far-infrared nylon as a raw material for clothing, accelerates fat burning and dissolves, promotes lactic acid metabolism 

Cleaning method: 
After hand washing, hang in the ventilated and cool place, the natural dryness 

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Due to personal health and hygiene protection, this product cannot be returned and refunded if it has been used or opened.

1. About size?
Size: Free size is suitable for people who are 155cm-175cm tall and weigh less than 85Kg. XL size fits people taller than 175cm and weigh more than 85Kg.

2. How to wash and care?
Hand wash and machine wash can be recommended, hand wash, warm water can be at room temperature, do not dry clean, do not use bleach, do not tumble dry, do not iron.

3. How long does the microcapsule effect last?
The weight loss effect of the microcapsules is continuous, and the fragrance gradually fades to disappear after about 20-30 times of washing.

4.Is it suitable for summer wear?
The use of high-breathable fabrics and special weaving at the buttocks, abdomen and joints ensure that the perspiration is quickly drained while the abdomen is being lifted. Suitable for walking, exercising, going to work or even sleeping. It’s no problem wearing it all the time.

5. How to stereoscopic fat burning effect?
There is a knitted dog pattern on the trouser leg on the right side of the trousers. It shows a blue-purple under non-moving conditions and white in the fat-burning state.