YPL Australia Vanish Training Bralette

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產品尺碼: 均碼
適合身形: 75B-80C
材質:95%聚醯胺, 5%斯潘德克斯彈性纖維
產品功用: 防震, 透氣, 減壓, 提胸


1. 市面上仿冒品充斥,本產品已獲原廠官方授權,保證正品,請大家安心購買
2. 外盒背面貼有仿偽條碼,經刮除後即無法退換貨,請買家特別留意


★ Beautiful back design outlines the graceful curve 
★ Honeycomb breathable structure to create a dry experience 
★ Excellent elastic fabric, put on the chest when you wear it 
★ Gather the shock and not oppress, the movement is more comfortable 
★ One-piece cut, reduce friction and care for your own 

new fashion aesthetics - YPL Accompanying Enjoy every moment! 
Big chest can also wear a rimless sports vest 
√ gold triangle breast line to create a charming breasts 
gather breast, shock and decompression, reduce the vice milk, stable and not tight 
double-sided honeycomb ventilation structure, rapid dehumidification 
pursuit of the ultimate The dry experience allows the chest to breathe freely. One- 
piece tailoring process fits 
almost, reduces friction, and gently protects the health of the chest. 

Size: One size 
Suitable for body shape: 75B-80C 
Material: 95% polyamide, 5% spandex Elastic fiber 
Product function: shockproof, breathable, decompression, chest lifting 

[washing method] 
- technical fabric material, it is recommended to wash and dry at room temperature. (Do not expose to the sun) 
- If you want to use the washing machine, please put it in the laundry bag! 
- It is not recommended to use bleach, softener and other cleaning agents to avoid damage to special fabrics. 

[Intimate reminder] 
1. The counterfeit products in the market are full, this product has been authorized by the original factory to ensure the authenticity, please rest assured to buy 
2. The back of the outer box is imitation pseudo-bar code, can not be returned after scraping, please Buyers pay special attention