Shipping Policy


We are proud to offer international shipping services to over 200 countries and islands worldwide. Nothing means more to us than bringing our customers great value and service. We will continue to grow to meet the needs of all our customers and improve delivering service beyond all expectation.

  1. All delivery of the Product shall be in standard packaging as per information in this website and the cost for packaging will be borne solely by the Buyer.
  1. The delivery of the Product will be made via the Buyer preferred courier service at the Buyer own cost and expenses. The rate for packaging and delivery services may vary from one to the other depending on the size, weight, place of delivery and the courier companies, and we shall not be liable for any cost and expenses for the courier service selected by the Buyer. 
  1. Delivery will be according to time stipulated in our website. (15 - 30 Business days) *This doesn’t include our 2-3 business day processing time
  1. It is your responsibility to ensure that the Products are sufficient and suitable for your purposes and meet your requirements of your purchase. 
  1. We warrant that all the products will be delivered in a perfect and working condition in the quantities ordered and as per specification advertised in our website together with manufacturer’s latest instructions.
  1. We are committed to ensure that all the orders are delivered to the Buyer safely on time. Only the authorized receiver shall be permitted to accept the deliver and Buyer shall ensure that the authorized receiver is present to make the authorized signature. We reserve the rights not to release the delivery in the absence of the authorized receiver.
  1. We shall not be responsible for any delivery made to an incorrect address due to the mistake of the Buyer. In the event that the Product is returned to us due to an incorrect shipping address as provided by the Buyer, the Buyer shall borne all the cost to redeliver the Product back to him/her/it.